3 Custom Food Truck and Trailer Wraps Worth Drooling Over

3 Custom Food Truck and Trailer Wraps Worth Drooling Over

If you’ve ever been to a food truck festival, then you know what a sensory overload the whole experience can be, with an absolute barrage of sights, smells, and—most importantly—tastes.

In fact, our hometown of St. Paul held just such a festival this past weekend, which got us thinking about all of the different food trucks and trailers we’ve designed and wrapped over the years.

So, we went through our portfolio of food truck and trailer wraps and selected three of our all-time favorites that stand wheels and axles above the rest.

WARNING: Do not read any further on an empty stomach.


Big Guys BBQ Roadhouse Food Trailer Wrap

When our friends at Big Guys BBQ Roadhouse in Hudson approached us to install the new wrap for their catering trailer, we were more than a little excited to take on the job. Featuring drool-worthy platters of barbequed meats above a bed of flickering flames, the new design turned out exactly as they had hoped. The only problem was our installers had an exceptionally difficult time keeping their cravings at bay.


B Sweet Cream Food Truck Wrap

When the owners of B Sweet Cream initially came to us, they didn’t know exactly how they wanted their new food truck to look. With a space-themed logo and inspiring name to work with, we quickly landed on this text-heavy baby blue and white design. They loved it, of course, and knew that it would ensure their ice cream truck would always B Fun, B Unique, and B Eye-Catching!


Bibuta Food Truck Wrap

When Bibuta reached out to us for a complete brand overhaul on their existing food truck (you can view their original truck design here), we were excited to lend our design expertise. With the top two-thirds of the truck devoted to their brand’s name and logo for easy visibility, it was the bottom panel that we were really allowed to have some fun with. Mixing an assortment of patterns and bright colors, it’s definitely a food truck that can stand out on a crowded street corner.


Cookie Cart Vehicle Wrap

While not technically a food truck, we would be remiss if we didn’t include the Cookie Cart van on this list. The Cookie Cart is more than just a bakery though—it’s an innovative youth program that provides leadership skills and a meaningful first job experience to teens across the Twin Cities. The Brand Ink team was more than happy to help them wrap their vehicle and provide brighter futures for hundreds of local kids.


At Brand Ink, we don’t design business cards, letterhead, or other traditional marketing pieces. Our design team specializes in creating and installing custom wraps for food trucks, trailers, and other commercial vehicles.

Whether you’re new to the food truck space or looking to take your vehicle to the next level, the design experts at Brand Ink can help. Contact us today to get started.