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The Perfect Glow for Every Show

Brand Ink smartphone light tabs

What do you get when tens of thousands of fans come together to bathe an arena in color? A moment no one will forget. Create a truly memorable experience for your loyal fans with smartphone light tabs from Brand Ink.

How Brand Ink smartphone light tabs work:

  • 1. Peel off the translucent color swatch and place over your smartphone’s flashlight. Don’t cover up the camera lens so you can take pictures of the colorful moment!
  • 2. When prompted, activate your mobile device’s flashlight to become a part of the awe-inspiring glow.
  • 3. After you’re finished, peel off and properly discard the film (please don’t litter).

Smartphone light tabs

Smartphone light tabs are colored swatches that adhere to the flashlight of any mobile device. When the phone’s LED light is activated, your surroundings are bathed in brilliant color.

You can choose from more than 100 pre-set colors or partner with the experts at Brand Ink to create a custom color for your event.

Smartphone light tabs can be quickly applied and removed without causing damage or leaving behind any residue.

This makes them the perfect choice for:

  • Sporting events
  • Concerts
  • Halftime shows
  • Conventions

Bring Your Arena to Life with Brand Ink

Brand Ink was proud to partner with 3M and the Minnesota Vikings to light up U.S. Bank Stadium like never before. Skol! Other teams include the Atlanta Braves, Carolina Panthers, San Antonio Spurs and BC Lions. We can do the same for you!

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