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Drive Sales While Driving Around

Custom Car and Truck Wraps


Custom car and truck wraps are the most cost-effective form of advertising, with multiple studies showing that vehicle wraps generate the greatest number of leads for the lowest price compared to other forms of advertising.

Among the advantages of car and truck wraps: 

  • Wrapping your vehicle is a cost-effective way of increasing brand exposure while getting to the places you already go.
  • Custom car and truck wraps are a great way to keep your brand in front of a never-ending audience.
  • Wraps offer high visibility and maximize visual impressions per dollar.
  • Wraps can be safely removed when it’s time to change the vehicle or update your messaging.

Why Brand Ink for Car and Truck Wraps

Brand Ink is a team of creative and technical professionals who create large-scale graphics with consistent industry-leading results. We offer:

  • In-House Design: Our creative design team works one-on-one with clients to deliver unique, brand-specific visuals.
  • Quick Turnaround: Our professional installers complete work on time and offer expedited service when necessary.
  • 3M-Certified Quality: We use only the highest-quality 3M wrap materials designed to last seven years or longer.
  • Results That Last: We stand behind our work by offering an industry-best 6-year warranty.

Custom car and truck wraps are a cost-effective advertising asset, with the horsepower to drive brand awareness, sales and growth. Check out our Vehicle Wrap FAQ or get in touch to learn more.