7 of the Best Commercial Vinyl Wraps for Trucks on the Road Today

Commercial Vinyl Wraps for Trucks - Brand Ink

At Brand Ink, we wrap hundreds of service trucks and other commercial vehicles every year. So needless to say, we know a thing or two about effective truck branding. While many companies take a much safer and more functional approach to their truck wraps, there are always a handful of our customers that are brave enough to take a chance on a really bold and brilliant design.

Those are the kind of vinyl wraps for trucks we’re here to talk about today.

If your business has a service truck (or an entire fleet of them) that you’d like to kick into overdrive, we’re here to help. Keep reading and you might find yourself inspired by our seven most inventive commercial truck wrap designs of all time.


Streetrod Truck Branding

There’s a reason flame decals have been around nearly as long as automobiles themselves—they just look really cool! Case in point: this vinyl truck wrap we completed for Streetrod Golf Cars takes the heat and energy of a standard flame design to a whole new level. The dark black background contrasts perfectly with the realistic fire artwork, giving the appearance of dancing and flickering flames when the truck is in motion.


Jenny's Handyma'am Truck Branding

There are some truck wrap designs that are so clever, they really don’t need to be intricate or flashy. This is one of those designs. The 50/50 split of a pink-sided “Handyma’am” sawing into a blue-sided handyman perfectly encapsulates how rare a woman-owned and -operated business is in the general contractor world. If you’re looking to finally check off some of those to-do items around the house, we highly recommend you give Jenny a call.


Pine Creek Service Truck Branding

We always love it when a truck wrap has some sort of brilliant, interactive element—and these two designs for Pine Creek Services have that and more! While the 3D bubble texture would almost be enough to make this list on its own, it’s the silhouetted worker wiping/power spraying the design away to reveal their residential services that really takes it up a notch.


Diamond Details Truck Branding

If you own an auto detailing business, you really can’t just show up at someone’s garage in an unmarked, completely forgettable vehicle. Fortunately, Diamond Details knew this to be the case and hired Brand Ink to make their service trucks truly stand out on the streets. With its logo-imprinted hood, flowing gold ribbon, and diamond-patterned rear section, this truck wrap design is sure to be a girl’s new best friend.


Ventura Iowa Truck Branding

Whoever thought a government vehicle could be this gorgeous? Well, when your city is self-proclaimed as “Iowa’s Sportsman’s Paradise,” you really do have to go all out to back that claim—and that’s exactly what this track wrap design for the city of Ventura, Iowa delivers. From the lively waterfowl and serene sunset on the sides to the fish house-packed frozen lake and bobber-themed water tower on the tailgate, this truck has everything an outdoor enthusiast could ever want.


X Games Toyota Truck Branding

Most of our truck wrap designs don’t have a name, but this one definitely did—Neon Ice! As part of our partnership with the Minneapolis X Games and one of its biggest sponsors, Toyota, we were thrilled to work on this brand-new Tacoma that was prominently displayed Downtown for the event. Featuring a black and white snowboarder carving across the brightly colored—you guessed it—neon ice, this design perfectly encapsulates the spirit and vitality of the X Games itself.


3M Safety Truck Branding

One last truck wrap design to conclude this list, and it’s a big one—3M! Brand Ink has partnered with 3M for years and this is just one example of the many, many vehicles we’ve wrapped for them and their numerous brands in that time. This particular design features plenty of paint splatter and crisp images on three of the sides, all showcasing their advanced safety gear and industry-approved PPE. 3M’s vehicle wraps always impress, and we can’t wait to work on the next one!


Were you inspired by any of the incredible examples of truck branding above? Perhaps it’s time to do the same for your company.

Whether you’re looking to breathe life into a new brand or take your growing business to the next level, our team of professional designers, manufacturers, and installers has the expertise and experience to get the job done right—the first time.

With our in-house design, quick turnarounds, and 3M-certified quality, wrapping your fleet of vehicles with Brand Ink is the best way to bring your brand up to full speed. Contact us today for a FREE truck wrap quote.

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