6 Stunning and Stylish Commercial Vinyl Wraps for Trailers

Vinyl Wraps for Trailers - Featured Image

Do you have a lot to haul and don’t want to be shy about it? If so, a vinyl wrap for your enclosed trailer is the way to go.

You’d be surprised how many companies will spend the money to vinyl wrap their commercial trucks—but then they completely forget to do the same for their trailer! It doesn’t matter if you have the nicest looking truck in town if it’s pulling a complete eyesore behind it—and your potential customers will notice. That’s why the best and brightest brands know that the trailer is an extension of the vehicle and deserves the same amount of love and attention.

So, if your business has an enclosed trailer (or an entire fleet of them) that you’d like to ramp up, Brand Ink is here to help. Keep reading and you might find yourself inspired by our six most creative commercial trailer wrap designs of all time.


Game Truck Wrap for Trailer

GameTruck is a really clever concept for a business that brings video game parties to millions of kids’ doorsteps every year. That’s why we knew the trailer wrap design had to deliver on the excitement before the vehicle ever comes to a complete stop. Featuring a recognizable game console (the Nintendo Switch) and a popular video game (Luigi’s Mansion 3), this wrap perfectly encapsulates the level of fun kids can expect when they step foot inside the trailer.


Streetrod Wrap for Trailer

There’s a reason flame decals have been around nearly as long as automobiles themselves—they simply sizzle on the side of a moving vehicle! Case in point: this vinyl wrap for trailer we completed for Streetrod Golf Cars takes the heat and energy of a standard flame design to a whole new level. The dark black background contrasts perfectly with the realistic fire artwork, giving the appearance of dancing and flickering flames when the trailer is in motion.


EcoRoofing & Siding Wrap for Trailer

EcoRoofing & Siding has been proudly serving Minnesota homeowners for over 20 years, so when they came to us to install a vinyl wrap for their enclosed trailer, we knew the design had to match the consistently high quality of their work. The final design perfectly paired the angled look of their logo with the multiple eaves of a home. It even included a large QR code so neighbors and other passersby could quickly scan and book an appointment on their smartphones!


NCAA Final Four Wrap for Trailer

Sometimes, no matter how much time and effort you put into a vinyl wrap installation, events outside of your control can turn things completely sideways. Such was the case with this NCAA Final Four truck and trailer combo. Sixty-eight NCAA Division I men’s basketball teams were set to head to Atlanta, Georgia for the largest single-elimination tournament of the year, when—on March 12th, 2020—the tournament was abruptly canceled due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Despite all that, we still think this wrap for trailer is a total slam dunk!


Clean & Clear Wrap for Trailer

Who says you can only have one wrap for your trailer? Clean and Clear, a Minnesota-based residential and commercial exterior cleaning company, first hired us to design and install a trailer wrap to promote their primary pressure washing service. However, as winter approached and their pressure washing and window cleaning appointments began to slow down, they came back in to have us rewrap that very same trailer—this time with a festive theme to promote their seasonal holiday lighting installation services.


Meguiar's Wrap for Trailer

If you’re a vehicle owner, you no doubt recognize the name Meguiar’s. This leading brand of car care products has been around for over 100 years and is firmly entrenched under the innovative umbrella of 3M. With such an iconic automotive brand in our hands, we knew we had to get this semi-trailer wrap just right—and that’s exactly what we did! Using a 1:64 scale model (upper left), we expertly enlarged the design to faithfully recreate the original—only on a much, much larger scale!


Were you inspired by any of the exceptional examples of trailer branding above? Then perhaps it’s time to install a wrap for YOUR trailer. Whether you have a 10-ft. storage trailer or a 53-ft. semi-trailer, our experienced team has designed and wrapped them all—and we’re ready to do the same for you.

With our in-house design, quick turnarounds, and 3M-certified quality, wrapping your fleet of vehicles with Brand Ink is the best way to bring your brand up to full speed. Contact us today for a FREE trailer wrap quote.

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